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60th anniversary



WRTH is produced with the help of a large number of people and organisations. The following expert DXers are responsible for acquiring or compiling the information, and then editing the National radio country entries to the high standards demanded by our readers

Alan Davies
Alok Dasgupta
Andy Reid
Bengt Ericson
Bernd Trutenau
Bryan Clark

Christian Ghibaudo

Dario Monferini
Dave Kenny
David Foster
David Ricquish
Francisco Rubio Cubo

István Hegedüs
Herman Boel
Jose Jacob
Kai Ludwig
Karel Honzik
Kevin Hand

Luís Carvalho
Martin Hadlow

Mauno Ritola
Max van Arnhem
Paul Rawdon

Richard Jary

Roberto Scaglione
Stig Hartvig Nielsen
Stuart Forsyth

Svetomir Cuckovic
Swopan Chakroborty
Tetsuya Kondo
Thierry Vignaud
Tore B Vik
Torgeir Woxen

Vashek Korinek


telephone 01865514405 email sales@wrth.com