WRTH 2020


The 74th edition of WRTH: The Directory of Global Broadcasting

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World Radio TV Handbook is the world’s most accurate and comprehensive directory of global broadcasting. It contains details by country of radio broadcasts and broadcasters on AM (LW, MW and SW) and FM, and details of national TV.

The Features section for this 74th edition includes articles on the further Development of HF Transmitting Antennas, Sea Breeze & Wind from Japan , Radio on New Caledonia, Sidi Mansour Transmitting Site, and MW Propagation as well as our regular Digital Update. There are  equipment reviews of the Elad FDM Duo R, Airspy HF+ Discovery, Tecsun 310ET, Tecsun AN-200 antenna, and the SDRPlay RSPDuo’s Diversity upgrade, along with other articles, information and maps.

The remaining pages are, as usual, full of information on:

  • National and International broadcasts and broadcasters
  • Clandestine and other target broadcasters
  • MW and SW frequency listings
  • Terrestrial TV by country
  • Extensive Reference section

Book ISBN: 978-1-9998300-2-1