WRTHmonitor June 2021 updates

ALGERIA: 531 and 891 kHz carry now Radio Algérie Internationale.

BRAZIL: Rádio Nacional da Amazônia is testing in DRM with 1.2 kW on 11910 kHz.

CHINA: CNR7 Voice of the Greater Bay has started operating on shortwave as follows: via Kashi 500 kW 2055-0100 9745 kHz & 0100-1805 13770 kHz, via Beijing 100 kW (ex CNR1): 2055-2400 & 1100-1805 7345 kHz, 0000-1100 15550 kHz.

CNR1 DRM has added Kunming: 0100-0300 9730 kHz, 0100-0500 12090 kHz, 0700-0900 12030, 13775 & 17860 kHz, Xianyang: 0300-0500 13655 kHz

Shandong General Service transmitters have moved from 1548 to 1215 and 1485 kHz.

CZECHIA: Rádio Dechovka has moved in Prague from 1233 to 1260 kHz and closed the other transmitters on 1233 kHz.

LESOTHO: Ultimate FM has reactivated 1197 kHz // 891 kHz.

MONGOLIA: 7260 kHz is on the air irregularly carrying 3rd prgr. between 2300-0500 & 0700-1500. Official information about 4830 and 4895 kHz still being on the air regularly or even irregularly have lately not been confirmed by independent monitoring either locally or from nearby areas.

PAKISTAN: Radio Pakistan plans a 100 kW transmitter in Gwadar on 954 kHz.

SOMALIA: Warsan Radio, Baidoa has moved back to 7750 kHz.

SOUTH AFRICA: Umhlobo Wenene FM has restarted operation from Komga on 846 kHz.

TURKMENISTAN: The only remaining AM transmitter in the country on 279 kHz has been observed very irregularly on the air and even then with just open carrier.

UKRAINE: UR1 Pershiy kanal has restarted operation from Mykolaiv on 549 kHz with 400 kW 24 hours a day. This transmitter (and Chonhar 100.7 MHz) carries special programme for Crimea in Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar between 1610-1700 Mon-Fri: ukr.radio/radio-cr

UNITED KINGDOM: BBC Radio Ulster 1341 kHz and many other smaller BBC transmitters on medium waves are being closed down.

VANUATU: Radio Vanuatu’s current, variable schedule has been: 1830-2100 & 0600-1100 3945 kHz (+harmonics 7890 & 11835 kHz) and 2100-0600 7260 kHz. Operation has been intermittent lately.