WRTHmonitor June 2020 updates

These changes to National, or domestic, radio have been reported since the publication of WRTH 2020:

BRAZIL: Rádio Nacional da Amazônia is back with 100 kW on both 6180 and 11780 kHz between 1100-0300.
Rádio Rio Mar, Manaus has reactivated 6160 kHz, but only between 0900v-1400v.

CHINA: CNR2 Xiangyang was registered for B19 season on 11600 kHz (ex 11835) and 11970 kHz (ex 11845).
CNR Qiqihar DRM schedule now as follows: 0100-1000 11995 kHz, 1000-1200 9870 kHz.

FRANCE: RMC Info transmitter on 216 kHz has been closed down.

GERMANY: Europe 1 transmitter on 183 kHz has been closed down.

INDONESIA: RRI Denpasar has reactivated its transmitter on 1206 kHz and Bukittinggi on 1512 kHz.

ISRAEL: All other medium wave transmitters except She’ar Yashuv on 1458 kHz have been closed.

KOREA, North: KCBS Pyongyang is inactive on 2850 kHz and there have been test transmissions on a new frequency: 3205 kHz, and most recently 3250 kHz.

MONGOLIA: 7260 kHz is on the air irregularly carrying 3rd prgr. between 2300-0500 & 0700-1500. 4895 kHz has been observed on the air only a few times during local daytime. 4830 kHz still continues off the air completely.

NEPAL: The low power transmitter on 5005 kHz has been closed.

RUSSIA: R. Purga DRM transmissions from Komsomolsk-na-Amure with 20 kW have the following registered schedule: 2000-2300 9850 kHz, 2300-0400 12025 kHz and 0400-1000 15735 kHz, but operation seems to be irregular with just music fill so far.

SOMALIA: Currently the only active shortwave station in Somalia: Warsan Radio, Baidoa has moved from 7750 to 7110 kHz.

TAIWAN: Voice of Kuanghua transmitters on 801 and 846 kHz are reported inactive and 711 and 981 kHz are reported operating irregularly. Current web site: khmusic.tw

TURKMENISTAN: Probably the only remaining AM transmitter in the country on 279 kHz has been operating very irregularly and even then with hardly any modulation.

TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS: Radio Visión Cristiana is rebuilding their transmitting station which operated earlier on 530 kHz.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Radio Asia has stopped operation on 1476 kHz and moved to 94.7 MHz.

VANUATU: R. Vanuatu has been broadcasting on shortwave acc. to the following schedule: 1830-2400 3945, 0000-0700 5040, 0700-1000 3945 and 1000-1100 2485 kHz, 2485 kHz has been used irregularly also between 1100-1830. Lately this has been Mon-Fri only and the frequency usage has been variable.