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The WRTH A16 Bargraph CD and Download are now available.

The July update to the A16 schedules is now available and can be downloaded from this page.

The WRTH 2016 online Questionnaire can be filled in here.

The full A16 schedules are now available and can be downloaded from this page.

The latest changes to domestic SW and MW can be found here.


The 2016 edition of World Radio TV Handbook is available and can be


from this page

ISBN: 978-0-9555481-8-5



World Radio TV Handbook

We are proud to present the 70th edition of the bestselling directory of global broadcasting on LW, MW, SW and FM.

The Features section for this 70th anniversary edition contains a History of WRTH and 70 Years of Reception, as well as articles on UK MW & LW Broadcasting, The Future of Shortwave, a history of Radio in Timor-Leste, and a Guide to SDRs. There are equipment reviews of the C. Crane CC Skywave, AOR AR-DV1, Eton Satellit Grundig edition, Tecsun PL-680, and the Nti ML200 Megaloop.

The remaining pages are, as usual, full of information on:

• National and International broadcasts

   and broadcasters
• Clandestine and other target

• MW and SW frequency listings
• Terrestrial TV by country
• Extensive Reference section

More details on the WRTH book...

The A16 WRTH Bargraph Frequency Guide on CD and Download can be ordered

from this page.

For details of what is on the CD please click here.

I just received my CD and it is beautiful and excellent! It includes all international broadcasters on LW, MW and SW plus domestic broad-casters on SW. Even all Brazilian stations have their schedule shown! It is highly recommendable for just £9.99! – Anker Petersen, DX-Window


"There’s a reason I purchase the WRTH every year: It’s a superbly executed publication that makes the Dxing hobby a true pleasure for all involved. I still get a thrill when each new edition appears"

William Patalon III

"World Radio TV Handbook consistently sets the radio hobby standards. It remains the best, most authorative and comprehensive radio reference book in the world; one that should be in every hobbyist listening post or radio room. Quite simply, it is the ultimate guide - one not to be missed " Gayle Van Horn, Monitoring Times

"It's hard to see how much more the WRTH could be improved. As always, the WRTH is highly recommended”

Radio Netherlands Media Network

“Among the other broadcast references WRTH still remains the best and most comprehensive. A very helpful guide that not only tells you about shortwave stations, but also about all FM and TV stations. A must for every DXer and traveller” Hannes Grünsteidl, Austria

“I am very impressed with the WRTH these days and the updates are absolutely outstanding” Hans Johnson, Cumbre DX

telephone 01865514405 email sales@wrth.com